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Clever Spaces Shoe Disinfecting Mat
  • Clever Spaces Shoe Disinfecting Mat

    Keep your homes and offices safe from external contamination when you sanitize your footwear using Clever Spaces Shoe Disinfecting Mat. With many external germs and biohazards from footwear easily getting stuck in shoe treads, Clever Spaces Shoe Disinfecting Mat is specially designed with one side consisting of PVA rubber scrapers which also has a foot basin/tray capable of holding up to 1 liter of disinfecting liquid. (Note: Disinfecting liquid is owner supplied and not included in the set.) The other side of the mat is the microfiber drying mat to wipe away liquid disinfectant.



    It only takes two easy steps to stop the germs and viruses from entering your homes and offices



      1.  Rub your shoes against the rubber scrapers to get the debris and dirt out of your footwear’s soles.


      2.  After disinfection, wipe them dry using the microfiber side of the mat.


    This two-step process eliminates germs and prevents the possible spread of contamination through shoe-to-floor contact.



    Ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Clever Spaces Shoe Disinfecting Mat

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