FizzWizz All-Natural Pacifier, Nipple & Bottle Wipes
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NOTE: Packaging has creases and discoloration but product/item inside is sealed and in good condition. Only packaging issue.
FizzWizz Wipes are 100% safe, all-natural and non toxic ~ apply liberally and confidently! As a perfect compliment use FizzWizz all-natural cleaning tablets to clean the inside of any bottle or sippy cup.
Instructions for use: Simply pull out a wipe from our re-sealable package and apply in and around the desired object until all residue is removed.
• Clean the exterior of any bottle, nipple, pacifier or baby toy• Hypoallergenic,• Paraben free, alcohol free• Biodegradable• Food grade preservatives• Soothing chamomile scent• Naturally derived ingredients• Made in the USA

FizzWizz All-Natural Pacifier, Nipple & Bottle Wipes

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