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Ivenet Finger Yogurt Baby Snack

Baby snacks l Recommended age: 6 months up


Gluten free, No salt, No MSG, No added preservatives. 


Free from any allergens.


Contain 2 billion probiotics


4 Flavors:

Blueberry, Strawberry, Plain and Banana


Calcium added which is essential for baby’s development.


Adequate size for baby’s hand.



Freeze dried yogurt. It prevents nutrition and lactobacillus from getting destroyed

-It dehydrates water for longer shelf life and easy to store.

what is freeze-drying?

Quickly freezes raw materials(-40°C) and it only removes moisture

-It is advanced method that minimize destroying taste,flavor and nutrients


- Usually yogurt needs to keep in the refrigerator but finger yogurt is light and easy to keep in the room temperature.

Ivenet Finger Yogurt Baby Snack

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