Lily and Tucker Studios Changing Mat

Lily and Tucker Studios Changing Mats are lightweight, breathable and machine washable


- Made of 3 layers of cotton fabric and a TPU (thin silicon like) material which prevents liquid from going through the mat.


- Sizes available:

  • Portable Size 50x70cm 
  • Big Size 70x 100 cm


- Portable Size is perfect for travelling

  • For diaper change outside. Can be used to place over changing stations
  • Foldable and locks with a button. Easily fits inside baby's bag.
  • When folded, size is as big as a standard notebook
  • Instand "pamunas" when you accidentally spill milk or water and you dont have enough tissue.


- Big Size if perfect for home use

  • For changing diapers
  • As a baby's playmat for lounging
  • As a waterproof mattress protector
  • For potty training your toddler

Lily and Tucker Studios Changing Mat