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Toki Art Mat

TOKI ART MAT creates a safe and comfortable surrounding for both parents and children! The neutral color of the mat will bring out the vibrancy of the paint used for sensory play. TOKI ART MAT is lightweight, hassle free and easy to store. Immerse your children in a fun and creative playtime without worrying about making a mess!

Size Details:


Mini 60cm diameter, 15cm height

Medium 130cm diameter, 20cm height
Large 150cm diameter, 20cm height

Free To Express

Within this space, children can express themselves freely and make beautiful messes with their learning tools. They will also learn to keep within specified boundaries. TOKI ART MAT is made with safe PE material that is non-toxic thus, it is safe for children and will not cause skin irritation.

Vibrant Sensory Play

For children to concentrate better at sensory play, we chose a natural color so that finger paint, water beads, sand colors and other play items will be clear and vibrant during playtime. It also blends in well with the home interior! It is also safe to conduct sensory play with food such as flour and rice as the mat is made of safe PE material that is often used for food packaging.

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Clean

No worries about taking a long time to set up and or clean up! This light, waterproof and hassle-free mat creates a quick playing space for children by simply unfolding the mat from its bag. Cleaning up can be done easily by wiping with wet tissues or rinsing the mat with the showerhead after playtime. The mat dries quickly!

Toki Art Mat

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