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Toki Sand Play 1kg

Toki Sand Play


Rain or shine, enjoy the ultimate fun indoors with Toki Sand. It's like bringing a day at the beach into your own home indoors without missing out on the outdoors element!


Toki Sand Play stimulates kids creative skills and provides an educational and sensory toy, where kids can make just what they wish! Sculpting sand is fun for kids of all age, especially because the magical, mess-free material is easy to handle and can be used over and over again! 



Store in a dry area, avoiding damp surroundings. Avoid adding contaminated sand with sweat/drink into storage. Store in an airtight container of ziplock bag.


Made in Korea
KC, CE certified
TRA testing approved 99.9% anti-bacterial
Each pack contains 1 kg of sand


NOTE: When you open the package, there will be an odour due to the antibacterial substance. It will be gone in a week's time if you play or leave it in the air for a while.

Toki Sand Play 1kg

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