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Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors (New)

The new and improved Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors is now in a fresh color of powder blue, with protective cover for the blades, and a clear carrying case for storage.


Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors is the most efficient way to prepare your kids’ meals. When dining outside or even at home, you can simply cut food into bite-size pieces using Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors faster than a fork and knife, making mealtime faster and more convenient for parents. These are safer around kids too since they are made of food grade ceramic blades that blunt on first contact due to blunt tips and finger-friendly blades, but able to cut through food efficiently with force. A clever must-have for every parent!


Cuts through meat, vegetables and fruits
Safer than metal blades used for cutting
Lightweight and compact
Free from BPA, Lead, PVC, Phthalates, and Formaldehyde
Rust-free and germ-free
With protective cover (keeping scissors clean)

Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors (New)

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