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Totsafe PM2.5 Filter in packs of 20s

Totsafe PM2.5 Filter in packs of 20s. Size: can also be used for adult-sized masks.


Totsafe PM2.5 high-quality replaceable filters are designed to work with any lifestyle cloth mask that has a filter pocket. Slide one inside your mask every time you step outside.


Our PM2.5 filters are engineered with advanced materials. They have strong filtering capability with 5 layers of melt-blown fabric and carbon filter technology to protect from airborne contaminants and pollution, purifying every breath as sterile as possible. They come in a resealable zipper bag that is easy to take along. Each filter is also individually packed to ensure they are 100% sterile. Take a pack as you need or stash a few of them in your bag. They can come quite handy for when you need to change masks on a full day outside. 


Usage Instruction: Dispose after a day's use. This is NOT reusable. 

Totsafe PM2.5 Filter in packs of 20s

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