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Zippies Love For All 3-pc Sampler Set - Bags With A Mission

The Love For All is the second series of printed Zippies bags.


During times of uncertainty, championing love and kindness goes a long way. Our Love for All series gives that reminder that it matters to show up, speak up and get things done in the name of LOVE.


With every purchase of this series, you’ll be able to put that kind intention into action with our partner charitable organizations as we commit a portion of our proceeds to to help them further their causes.


We have partnered with Girls Got Game PH, Girl Up Philippines, I Support The Girls Mnl, all women and youth driven non-profit organizations that help spread kindness and support for women and children of impoverished families in the Philippines. 


In these bags, get inspired with our message of love, kindness and positivity in our poster illustration (as seen in the small bag), flower typography of values (as seen in the medium bag) and drawings of everyday expression of love (as seen in the large bag). 


A set has 1 piece each of small, medium and large lay-flat bags. Priced at just P650 per set.

Zippies Love For All 3-pc Sampler Set - Bags With A Mission

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